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In 2016 Ugg Australia celebrated an amazing 35 years of Australian manufacturing. Our founders Luda and Roman Fishman welcomed staff, business and industry associates to mark this truly remarkable ocassion, at the stunning Hilton South Wharf.

From humble beginnings as newly arrived migrants selling their hand crafted boots at the Victoria Market in the 1980s to the iconic Australian brand they are today. Roman and Luda were celebrated for their absolute commitment and passion for Australia manufacturing continuing to operate not only their factory in Brunswick but also the Roman Tannery in Laverton which is the last remaining Sheepskin Footwear Tannery in Australia and employing over 60 local people. 

They have continued to drive the Ugg Australia brand as an iconic Aussie symbol of hard work and honesty offering all their range as Australian made and half qualifying for the product of Australia label for products that are not only Australian made but use 100% Australian materials.

We congratulate them for their amazing accomplishment. 

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